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Course Curriculum


There are no formal prerequisites for this course; however, previous operating system administration experience will be very beneficial.

Course Content

Getting Started
1. Introduction
2. What is Middleware?
3. How Middleware can make communication between different systems easy
4. What is Mule ESB?
5. About the Course Structure

2. Understanding of Anypoint Studio
1. Introduction
2. Setting up the Course Project
3. Understanding the Project Structure
4. Develop Api and Deploy project on Anypoint Studio server
5. Git Set plugin up on Anypoint Studio
6. Java and maven Set up to run project on Anypoint studio

3. Mule4 Basics
1. Introduction
2. Understanding of Flow and subflows in Mule
3. Working with Requests and Responses through http connectors
4. Creating Integration flows for Mule API
5. Variable Scopes in Mule
6. Streaming Strategies in mule 4

4. Understanding of Core Components of Mule 4
1. Introduction
2. Async Scope (Async scope vs Sub flows scope)
3. Batch Component
4. Cache Scope
5. Choice Router Component
6. Parse Template Component
7. Raise Error Component
8. Scatter Gather Router
9. Transfer Message Componet
10. Logger Component

5. Exception Handling In Mule 4
1. Introduction
2. On-Error Continue component
3. On Error Propagate Component
4. Try And Catch Scope

6. Dataweave 2.0 In Mule 4
1. Introduction
2. Performa basic transformation
3. Filtering of incoming payload as per conditions
4. Map,reduce,filter,distictby,orderby,date and various inbuilt functions implementation

7. Custom Connectors In Mule 4
1. Introduction
2. How to make custom connectors using java SDK
3. Use of different Annotations and basic understanding of Java and Spring

8. Deployment of Mule Application
1. Introduction
2. Understanding of Runtime Manager,Anypoint Exchange and Anypoint Manager
3. Understanding of Autodiscovery
4. Deployment of Mule Project on Runtime fabric

9. Mule 4 Security

1. Introduction
2. Policy for Aapi security in Anypointy Manager
3. OAUth-2 Mulesoft APi Manager
4. Implement of Auto Discovery and basic oauth policies

10. Connectors in Mule 4
1. Introduction
2. SAP connectors implementation in mule 4
3. Salesforce Connectors in Mule 4
4. File Connectors implementation in Mule 4
5. Odata Apikit Router implementation in Mule 4
6. Http Connectors implementation in Mule 4

11. Munit Testing In Mule 4
1. Introduction
2. How to write Test cases for integration flows in Mule
3. Understanding of Munit Tools
4. Understanding of Mocking Components in Mule 4
5. Validation and Assert components implementation
6. Munit Code coverage of project

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Course completion certificate and Global Certifications are part of our all Master Program

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