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AB Initio is an ETL tool used in data warehouse to calculate , manipulate data from different sources.
ABInitio is mainly used to apply transformation rules on data as per business requirements and feed all business units in required format.


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  • Highly practical oriented training
  • 25000+ Man-hours of Real-time projects & scenarios
  • 10 to 20+ year Experienced corporate trainers With Real Time Experience.
  • Building up professionals by highly experienced professionals
  • 100 % quality assurance in training .
  • 10000+ Placement Records and 180+ MNC’s and Consultancies Tie up

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Course Curriculum

Course description

Best Training in Abinitio in Bangalore. 

Training by highly experienced Industry Experts

AB Initio is an ETL tool used in data warehouse to calculate , manipulate data from different sources.AB Initio is mainly used to apply transformation rules on data as per business requirements and feed all business units in required format.

Duration of Training : 6 weekends


There are no formal prerequisites for this course; however, previous operating system administration experience will be very beneficial.

Course Content


1. Introduction to Abinitio, comparison of Abinitio with other ETL Tools.

2. Introduction to a Datawarehouse
3. Datawarehouse Architecture

1.Types of DatawareHouse Approaches
2.Facts & Dimensions

1.Modelling concepts Introduction
2.Types of schemas

1.Abinitio concepts
2.Abinitio Architecture
3.Relationship Between GDE, Co>op, EME
4.Introduction to Sandbox

1.Creating a Sandbox
2. Relationship between Sandbox and EME
3. Air commands
4. check-in, check-out & locking

1.Introduction to Graph Programming
2. Components Introduction
3.Types of Various Components
4. Partition components

1.Partition components
2.Departition Components like: Gather, concatenate, Merge & Interleave

1.Validate components
b.compare records
e.Validate records
2. Translate components
1.Read XML 2.Write XML
2. Read EXCEL & Write Excel

1. FTP Components
2. Compress Components
3. Sort Components

1. Transform Components:
a. Dedup- Sort
b. Filter By Expression components and its internal parameters functions
2. Reformat component and its Parameters

1.String Functions
2.Executing all the string functions by using various transform components

1.Transform components
a.Aggregate components and its parameters
b.Rollup Components and its parameters
c.Various Aggregation functions in rollup components
d. Scan component and its parameters

1.Join components and its parameters
2. Fuse Component and its internal parameters
3.Normalize Component


1.De-Normalize Sorted Component

2.Match Sorted Components
3.Miscellaneous Components

1.Introduction to Database Components
2.Creating .dbc file
3. Different types of Orainterfaces in Database components

1.Continuous Components

1 .New Components introduced in the latest version of Abinitio V3.0.5


1 .Interview related questions discussion



Who should do AB Initio
Person who choose to make career in data warehousing.
Person who is having exposure on any ETL tool, PL/SQL can choose AB Initio as a career.
AB Initio as tool keeps on updating himself as per latest technology trends, so your skills will never be outdated.
E.g. It support Big Data, Hadoop, Salesforce(cloud).
Why should we choose radical 
Radical Technologies has designed course which cover all basic and advanced topics of AB Initio.
Course include Real time coding, debugging & error handling experience which helps candidates to get better understanding of tool.
Course include hands on experience on AB Initio tool and interactive session with problem solving.
Pre requisites
AB Initio is a simplified coding tool, so no special skill is required.
Anyone with basic knowledge of any programming language along with some industry experience.
Why AB Initio as career path
-Ease of coding
-Rapid Code development
-UI based application coding tool
-Niche skill
-Good job opportunities
-High Paid Jobs
Job Opportunities / Package
There are ample job opportunities in Finance, Insurance, Telecom domain for AB Initio.
E.g. Citi, Barclays, Discover, Vodafone, TransUnion, All States, Airtel
Since AB initio is not an open source technology, it is hard to find people who know ab initio.
Having less no of people knowing ab initio, it gives you upper hand in finding the job.
Having a niche skill will always gives you advantage in terms of money.
Trainer Experience
Have experienced trainers who has actual industry work experience.
With collaboration with Radical, we have designed course structure which cover training as per current market trend.
Trainers will provide live coding session along with problem solving.
Assignment/Scenarios/Interview preparation
Scenarios will be given covering all the components.
Assignments will be provided covering multiple components and functions of AB Initio
Interview questions will be provide with respect to your work experience.

Training Options

Live Online Training

  • Highly practical oriented training
  • Installation of Software On your System
  • 24/7 Email and Phone Support
  • 100% Placement Assistance until you get placed
  • Global Certification Preparation
  • Trainer Student Interactive Portal
  • Assignments and Projects Guided by Mentors
  • And Many More Features

Course completion certificate and Global Certifications are part of our all Master Program

Live Classroom Training

  • Weekend / Weekdays / Morning / Evening Batches
  • 80:20 Practical and Theory Ratio
  • Real-life Case Studies
  • Easy Coverup if you missed any sessions
  • PSI | Kryterion | Redhat Test Centers
  • Life Time Video Classroom Access ( coming soon )
  • Resume Preparations and Mock Interviews
  • And Many More Features

Course completion certificate and Global Certifications are part of our all Master Program

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Why we are the best Radical Technologies

Radical Technologies is truly progressing and offer best possible services. And recognition towards Radical Technologies is increasing steeply as the demand is growing rapidly.





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Abinitio Training in Bangalore

Excellent Training Abinitio. Trainer is highly Experienced & explains all content very clearly. He provides Realtime Projects in the course which helps me to understand the concepts more clearly.

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