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Why Radical Technologies Trainer is working in IT industry as Sr. Database architect. He has extensive knowledge on Server designing / Database Designing / DB and SQL performance tuning . Trainer is 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c oracle certified professional in additional to Certification in 11g RAC,Performance Tuning and OEM The Oracle DBA training is carried out on 11g as well as 12c. Hence you get an exposure to both versions. You don’t need to do a Separate course for learning 12c in future. Trainer has hands on experience on Oracle versions 7.3.4 to He often quotes the difference between the versionwhich can help you working on Older oracle versions. At Radical oracle DBA course also cover Topics like ASM Patching Data Guard Database Upgrade Performance Tuning SQL tuning. SQL loader. Basic SQL and Shell Scripting. We have our Own courseware and presentation which is shared to the Students We at Radical ensure students get the knowledge and experience to be productive Oracle DBA in any company from Day one. We at Radical prepare and assist you for certification exams which broaden your knowledge base. We at Radical provide you the exposure to a wide variety of important features, functions & tasks to use on the job. We ensure the student Learn to perform complex, hands-on activities through lab, study & practice sessions. We also cover Linux installation in the course. Entire training is conducted on Linux environment. We have our own course designed considering the industry requirements We teach more than the books, entirely industry based knowledge Regular assessment and Dummy project at the end of the course Exposure to Database Performance tuning and SQL tuning is given in the course. Once a Student always a Student. At the Launch of any batch we create a Whatsapp Group and which is used to circulate document / topics / Career opportunities. For any Clarification, you can contact trainer anytime after course completion.

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Dba are the highest paid professional in IT industry. As major Database share in industry is Oracle, picking up Oracle DBA carrier would be lucrative today and in future

Course Curriculum

Course description

Duration of Training: 10 weekends

Linux Installation


There are no formal prerequisites for this course; however, previous operating system administration experience will be very beneficial.

Course Content

Learn to install Linux with relevant packages.

1)      Understand HDD partitioning

2)      Primary Verses Extended Partitioning

3)      Physical Volumes / Logical Volumes / Luns


Understanding RAID / Storages / DNS / DHCP / iscsi utilities

1)      Different levels of Raid

2)      Installation of configuration of DNS.

3)      Installation and configuration of DHCP

4)      tgtd and iscsi utilities 


Installing 11g and 12c Oracle Software

1) Install and configure 11g and 12c Oracle Database Software 


Creating 11g and 12c databases (manual)

1)      Creating 11g Database and 12c Database manually 


11g and 12c Architecture.

   1) Thorough understanding of 11g and 12c architecture


Oracle Administration and management.

1)      starting databases

2)      understanding control files / redo log files / archive files

3)      understanding Server parameter file and password files

4)      Automatic memory management

5)      Different components in SGA and PGA 


Tablespaces / segments / extents and blocks

1)      Dictionary managed versed locally managed tablespaces.

2)      Automatic Segment space management

3)      Understanding Segments / extents and blocks

4)      Block utilization parameters

5)      Understanding row chaining and migration

6)      Different block Sizes 


12c Multitenant Database concepts and new features

1)      Understanding multitenant architecture

2)      Overviews of Pluggable databases          


Oracle networking and shared process overview

1)      Configuring and maintaining listeners

2)      Configured Dispatchers and Shared servers

3)      Understanding tnsnames.ora / sqlnet.ora and Ez Connect


 ASM overview and benefits

1)      Complete Overview of ASM

2)      Understand the need of ASM

3)      ASM instance parameters


Rman and conventional Backup / Recovery

1)      Defining backup strategy

2)      Complete understanding of RMAN and conventional backups 


Rman and Conventional Cloning

1)      Cloning  database using conventional methods

2)      Cloning database using rman


Applying patches

1)      Different types of Patches

2)      How to apply patch to database


Database upgrade

1)      Upgrade Database from 11g to 12c

2)      Coverting 12c noncdb to 12c pluggable database


Physical and logical Standby/ Data guard

1)      Configure physical standby database

2)      Understanding logical and snapshot standby database


Oracle Shell Scripting overview.

1)      understanding cronjob

2)      writing basic scripts


AWR reports / ADDM reports / ASH report

1)      Understand how to read the AWR  / ADDM / ASH reports


Sql loader / external tables

1)      Using sql loader to load data into tables

2)      External tables and its benefits


Partitioning concepts

1)      Understanding different types of partitioning

2)      Creating and altering partitions


expdp / impdp backups

1)      Taking logical backups using expdp

2)      Data pump usage and scenarios


Tracing utilities ( oradebug / sql trace / tkprof ) and sql tuning

1)      Using utilities for tracing

2)      How to read SQL explain plan

3)      SQL performance considerations



Loss of a Control File

Loss of a Redo Log File

Loss of a Data File in NOARCHIVELOG Mode

Loss of a Noncritical Data File in ARCHIVELOG Mode

Loss of a System-Critical Data File in ARCHIVELOG Mode

Oracle Recovery Manager

Oracle Recovery Catalog maintenance

Backups using Oracle Recovery Manager

Recovery using Oracle recovery manager

Database Cloning using RMAN

Tablespace Point in time recovery

Incomplete recovery


Monitoring and Resolving Lock Conflicts


Locking Mechanism

Data Concurrency

DML Locks

Enqueue Mechanism

Lock Conflicts

Possible Causes of Lock Conflicts

Detecting Lock Conflicts

Resolving Lock Conflicts


Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Monitoring Methodologies

Database and Instance Metrics

Data Dictionary Metrics

Optimizer Statistics

Schedule Optimizer Statistics Collection

Dynamic Performance Views

Viewing Metric Information

Reacting to Performance Issues

Reacting to Performance Issues


Proactive Maintenance

Server Generated Alerts


Setting Thresholds

Baseline Measurements

Tuning and Diagnostic Advisors

SQL Tuning and Access Advisors

Memory Advisors

Segment Advisor

Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)

Managing the AWR

Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)

Topics covered

1. VMware Install
2. Linix Installation
3. Networking (Neat)
4. OS user create , group , password
5. File share from windows os to Linux os
6. Oracle Installation
7. Database Create
a. Listener
i. Lsnrctl utility
b. Services
9. SGA
10. User Management
11. Profile
12. Roles
13. Tablespace
a. Create,drop,alter tablespace
b. Create datafiles
c. Small datafile
d. Big datafile
e. Quota
f. Tablespace online , offline
g. Default tablespace
h. Extent management
i. Memory allocation
14. Undo Management
15. Database Startup types
16. Database Shutdown types
17. Physical files
18. Backup, Restore and Recovery
a. Physical Backup
i. Cold Backup
ii. Hot Backup
b. Data Pump
i. Exp,Imp
ii. Impdp, Expdp
19. Flashback

Students can first take up the Oracle 11g DBA then move on to become Advanced DBA by doing 11g RAC DBA, which will include Data guard Concepts and Implementations as well. Oracle Apps DBA course is designed keeping practical focused for those DBA’s who would like to go for Oracle Apps DBA career path, which is in great demand today.

Students have an option to reach out to the faculty over a phone call for 1 month support to get them established in their new job as DBA.Mock Interview Sessions for all the courses at the end of the course Guidance to students for Books References, Obtain Support, Work with Oracle Corp & Right material reference to become an Expert DBA eventually – today we lack this in industry. Students can avail extra practice hours for implementations.

Training Options

Live Online Training

  • Highly practical oriented training
  • Installation of Software On your System
  • 24/7 Email and Phone Support
  • 100% Placement Assistance until you get placed
  • Global Certification Preparation
  • Trainer Student Interactive Portal
  • Assignments and Projects Guided by Mentors
  • And Many More Features

Course completion certificate and Global Certifications are part of our all Master Program

Live Classroom Training

  • Weekend / Weekdays / Morning / Evening Batches
  • 80:20 Practical and Theory Ratio
  • Real-life Case Studies
  • Easy Coverup if you missed any sessions
  • PSI | Kryterion | Redhat Test Centers
  • Life Time Video Classroom Access ( coming soon )
  • Resume Preparations and Mock Interviews
  • And Many More Features

Course completion certificate and Global Certifications are part of our all Master Program

Exam & Certification

Course Reviews

I had a wonderful experience in Radical technologies where i did training in Hadoop development under the guidance of Shanit Sir. He started from the very basic and covered and shared everything he knew in this field. He was brilliant and had a lot of experience in this field. We did hands on for every topic we covered, and that’s the most important thing because honestly theoretical knowledge cannot land you a job.
Rohit Agrawal Hadoop
I have recently completed Linux course under Anand Sir and can assuredly say that it is definitely the best Linux course in Pune. Since most of the Linux courses from other sources are strictly focused on clearing the certification, they will not provide an insight into real-world server administration, but that is not the case with Anand Sir’s course. Anand Sir being an experienced IT infrastructure professional has an excellent understanding of how a data center works and all these information is seamlessly integrated into his classes.
Manu Sunil Linux
I had undergone oracle DBA course under Chetan sir’s Guidance an it was a very good learning experience overall since they not only provide us with theoretical knowledge but also conduct lot of practical sessions which are really fruitful and also the way of teaching is very fine clear and crisp which is easier to understand , overall I had a great time for around 2 months , they really train you well.also make it a point to clear all your doubts and provide you with clear and in-depth concepts hence hope to join sometime again
Reema banerjee Oracle DBA
I have completed Oracle DBA 11g from Radical technology pune. Excellent trainer (chetna gupta ). The trainer kept the energy level up and kept us interested throughout. Very practical, hands on experience. Gave us real-time examples, excellent tips and hints. It was a great experience with Radical technologies.
Mrudul Bhokare Oracle DBA
Linux learning with Anand sir is truly different experience… I don’t have any idea about Linux and system but Anand sir taught with scratch…He has a great knowledge and the best trainer…he can solve all your queries related to Linux in very simple way and giving nice examples… 100 🌟 to Anand Sir.
Harsh Singh Parihar Linux

Why we are the best Radical Technologies

Radical Technologies is truly progressing and offer best possible services. And recognition towards Radical Technologies is increasing steeply as the demand is growing rapidly.





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