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iOS (formerly iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware. It is the operating system that presently powers many of the company’s mobile devices, including the iPhoneiPad, and iPod Touch. It is the second most popular mobile operating system globally after Android.


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Course Curriculum

Course description

Duration: 50 hours


There are no formal prerequisites for this course; however, previous operating system administration experience will be very beneficial.

Course Content


  • What is Cocoa Touch Framework
  • XCode
  • Creating first application
  • The main() Function and AppDelegate

2.Language Basics

  • What is Swift
  • Comments
  • Constants and Variables in Swift
  • Conversions, Tuples, and Optionals
  • Operators
  • Control Statements, Loops


  • Creating Classes
  • Class Methods, Variables, Constructor Method ,Properties

4.Data Types (Basics)

  • Primitive Data Types
  • NSNumber
  • NSString
  • NSArray
  • NSDictionary


6.Categories and extensions

7.Exceptions Handling exceptions , Predefined exceptions, User defined exceptions

8.Memory Management – Manual Retain Release (MRR) , Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)

iOS App Development

1.Introduction to iOS

  • Introduction to XCode
  • iOS project directory structure
  • COCOA Touch Framework
  • iOS Application Life cycle

2.Views and Views Controller

  • View
  • View Controller
  • View Life cycle
  • Basic Controls – Labels, Button, Text Field, Text Views, Slider, Switch, Activity indicator etc.

3.Advanced Views and Controller

  • Table View Controller
  • Date Picker
  • Picker View
  • Scroll View
  • Web View
  • Navigation Controller
  • Tab Bar Controller

4.XCode Interface Builder (xib)

  • Introduction to the Interface builder
  • Creating Outlets and Actions
  • Handling views programmatically

Advance topics

Databases and Shared preferences

  • Directory structure of an application
  • User Defaults
  • Property List
  • SQLite database
  • Core Data

Web Services

  • Accessing remote data with web services
  • Parsing XML data
  • Parsing JSON data

Touches and Gestures

  • Handling the touch events on view
  • Adding Gestures to view


  • Playing an Audio file
  • Playing a Video file


  • Introduction to Map
  • Adding pin Annotations on map
  • Handling various map properties


  • Introduction to Storyboard
  • implementing Segues to navigate
  • Passing data from One view controller to another

Designing app using Auto layout

  • Introduction to constraints
  • Programmatically changing the UI
  • Scroll View with Auto layout
  • Using springs and struts model


  • Multithreading in an iOS App
  • Using NSThread
  • Using GCD ( Grand Central Dispatch )


  • NSNotificationCenter
  • Local notifications
  • Remote notifications

Using Camera

  • Capturing image using camera
  • Getting the images from the Image Gallery


5.Using Device Sensors

  • Accelerometer
  • GPS

6.Mails and SMS

  • Sending mail from your application
  • Sending SMS from your application

7.Special controllers for iPad

  • Split View Controller
  • Popover Controller


  • Creating apple developer account
  • Managing apple developer account
  • Publishing an app to the App store

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Course completion certificate and Global Certifications are part of our all Master Program

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